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All 30 Minute Questions & Answers have been canceled

Due to an incident that occurred the first week of August, the Commission staff can no longer offer virtual interactive training or Question and Answer sessions.  As of today, all virtual What’s New and Last Friday Question and Answer sessions have been canceled.  As is always the case, the Commission is open to answer questions from the public and have never blocked access.  Everyone is welcome to continue to  call, text or email the staff. Live training will be available across the state.

For the seven participants involved in the Q&A session, we apologize.  All security measures that have worked since 2020 did not.  For the two participants who interrupted the session, the matter was reported.



Introduction to Sentencing Guidelines Training

The videos are also available on: our YouTube channel and Mobile Site

Training Videos (mp4)
1. Selecting Primary Offense
2. Additional Offenses
3. Scoring Worksheets A & B vs. C
4. Victim Injury
5. Weapons Factors
6. Prior Record Factors
7. Prior Specific Offenses
8. Juvenile Record
9. Legal Restraint
10. Classifying Prior Record
11. Risk Assessment
12. Mandatory Minimums
13. Recording the Guidelines Recommendations
Probation Violations Guidelines
Download all video powerpoints and Case Example 2 video